Fun for the Kids!

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Fun for the Kids!

For the kids there is endless amounts of fun. We have 120 feet of sandy beach and a beautiful swim area. In the water we have an 8 foot by 8 foot floating raft for the kids to wrestle around on and jump off of. 

Second, we have just completed painting the 28-foot sailboat called, "The Manitoba."  The Manitoba is anchored permanently in 4 feet of water. It acts as a tree fort for the kids. They can play on it and in it. The kids love jumping off it and playing pirates.

Bike riding.  Our neighborhood is especially good for bike riding. You can bike the lakes shoreline or take a 4 block ride down to the ice cream shop.

Reedsburgh Dam. See the top menu with a link to Reedsburgh Dam. This is a lot of fun for the whole family!

Paddle Boats, Kayaks and Canoes at our Beach!   All at no charge to our guests! See at bottom of this page.

Our Swim Raft! Paddle boats, kayaks and Canoes at no charge to our guests!