Reedsburgh Dam

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Reedsburgh Dam

Reedsburgh Dam is located just 6 west of Houghton Lake and only 8 miles from JR Resort.  Reedsburgh controls the water level of Houghton Lake.

Higgins Lake is spring fed with no inlet water supplies. Water flows out of Higgins Lake through the Cut River, a small stream on the south east side of the lake. The Cut River then flows 7 miles to Houghton Lake.

Houghton Lake has an average depth of 10-12 feet. Houghton Lake has water inlets of the Cut River on its northern shore and the Muskegon river on it's south east shore.  The Muskegon River is the only outlet water from Houghton Lake. The Muskegon River flows 7 miles from Houghton Lake before reaching Reedsburgh Dam. Water flowing through the Dam eventually makes its way out to Lake Michigan.

The Dam is an excellent place for families to visit!