Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day Weekend (see photos below)

The past eight Labor Day Weekends we have had music a our beach. Michelle and myself (Troy) have friends who are musicians. On this weekend they are our guest.  

Teddy Davis opens the show. He's straight up from North Carolina where we pulled him from the middle of his "never ending tour". Teddy will play his acuistic guitar and harmonica to the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and more! Last year Teddy played for us as part of his "My Band Pissed Me Off Tour - Solo".  Well he hasn't reconciled with the band and he's glad to be back.

Michelle's best friend Kim Megoran is a musician who plays throughout Michigan. Kim and Michelle met at Ferris State University, playing guitar in the echoing confines of the tiled restrooms of the dorms. Kim plays some great Sheryl Crowe music amongst covering many artists.  Kim is talented and has jammed with such artist as Stephen Stills, David Crosby and Kris Kristofferson.

Kim's son Shaun has had a band that has played for us the last three years. The band, called Lucky Livingstons is seriously talented. They play Dave Mathews type music. This summer they were the opening act for REO Speedwagon in Farwell, Michigan at the new outdoor theatre. They are big time great and only 18 years old (Kyle the drummer is only 16!). The boys are great musicians and great kids as well. We love em!

This Labor Day Weekend the music show goes on providing the weather is good and the musicians aren't booked, and on Saturday night, they are booked with us. This year the music is on Saturday night beginnng at 7:30 pm and lasting until midnight.

Some years we have a hundred people. One year someone counted 300 people. Anyway, the only thing we count on is having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of new people!


Kimberly Megoran Plays On!!

...She's back from L.A.

The night rocks on as Lucky Livingstons play on!!

The night was great!!

Teddy Davis starts the night out!