Welcome to J.R. Resort!

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JR Resort on the South West Shore of Higgins Lake. We rent very nice cottages! . Our cottages are very clean and cozy!

  higginslakeresort@hotmail.com    or call 989.274.1476

Fall Openings in our Lake Front Cottage:  Oct. 25th/26th.  Nightly rate is only $125 (summer rate is $180).



 We'd like to thank all of our families that stayed with us in 2013. We had many new families, and a whole lot of families that we are very fortunate, and humbled to have return year after year. Last year alone families came from California, Alaska, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and England (David's great family) and throughout the midwest and of course Michigan. Thanks to all, we're looking forward to seeing you soon!

 Troy and Michelle